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Get Planted & Grow through life being your best you

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with Lifestyle Medicine!

Too often people accept their declining health as part of the aging process.

They give away their Power to improve their health to doctors & nurses who have little training on the health benefits of Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition.

Instead of Simple Lifestyle Modifications, people put their hope in medications, interventions, and sugeries which have way too many side effects and minimal results when compared to the Powerful results of Eating Plant Strong and Staying Active!

I’m Catherine, – a registered nurse, lifestyle medicine writer, & coach.

I believe

Lifestyle is Medicine!

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To take charge of your health and live your life to its fullest. Gain more energy and confidence. Gain strength physically & mentally to tackle your life’s work!

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I cut through the noise and confusion about eating healthy!

I know the importance of good health.

I have been a registered nurse in the state of Ohio for over twenty years.  Also, I am a certified case manager. I recently completed my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate at T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell .  


Some of my pleasures are preparing and eating plant-based masterpieces, stealing time away to bury myself in a book, and relaxing with family… Some of the things I value (in no particular order) are knowledge, art, science, curiosity, creativity, and LOVE.

Reverse & Prevent Disease

So you can Live Healthy!

I haven’t always been a whole food plant-based, – lifestyle is medicine- kind of girl.

It has only been in recent years that I began studying nutrition and lifestyle more deeply. When I started out on this lifestyle journey I was working as a telephonic case manager for one of the top five insurance companies in the country. Life was pretty good, – except I was middle age, putting on weight, buying bigger sized clothes than I ever had before, and I felt exhausted all the time.

My annual biometrics blood sugar levels were borderline, – And in order to get a good blood pressure reading I had to sit absolutely still for 20 minutes before they took it. My cholesterol numbers were the worst they’d ever been.

I thought if I had more time everything would be okay. I figured I was destined for heart disease because it “runs in my family.” I didn’t think I had the money to eat healthy all the time. I was getting by financially, but definitely not killing it. Trust me, I know how it feels to have my credit cards declined. I am a mom of four and was living my life overextended and stressed out.

It all changed when I was at work one day. I got a call. My daughter was in an accident. I remember driving to get to her and not knowing what I was going to find when I got there. Her injuries were only a couple of broken bones which was quite an ordeal for her, but to me it was a blessing that it wasn’t worse. That’s when I started to take my life back.

The work that I was doing didn’t feel like I was helping people and what I was learning about the science of nutrition was fascinating to me. Within a month I resigned. I didn’t have it all figured out, but I knew there was something to this nutrition thing that could help me and all the people with chronic conditions that I cared for.

I had my doubts at first. Initially I was reading about rather small studies whose results seemed too good to be true. But the more I researched the more studies I found including The China Study which was HUGE. I discovered Nutrition Studies and their plant-based certificate program. However, I was still bumping along financially so spending money on the course didn’t seem like an option for me.

So instead, I wasted a lot of time, money, and energy plugging away trying to meet the bills and studying on my own about nutrition. I also became a Beach Body coach. I love the fitness aspect, but the nutrition side of their programs left me still searching. I was working where I could to make ends meet.

Finally, I had a break through. After paying off bills, I had some money left/saved to take that nutrition course. Looking back, I wish I had found a way to get the money for the course sooner because it was mind blowing. I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is good, and my cholesterol numbers are much improved. Without continuously exercising with a super trainer, without counting calories, containers, or taking crazy supplements (just 500mcg B12 daily).

If I had taken the whole-food plant based certificate courses sooner I would be further along. But I did what I could with what I had when I had it 🙂 It has inspired me not only to use what I learned for my own health, but also to spread the message.

I am writing a new book on health called Don’t Wait Another Day. It is designed for people who want to make lifestyle choices that prevent and treat disease. I teach my readers how previous trends in health and wellness created the chronic poor health we see today. I show them a three step model on how people can create more health in their lives and communities with the growing trend of lifestyle medicine.Throughout the book I provide all the tools people need to embrace their best health so that at the conclusion of the book they are well on their way to living a life full of health and love.

I also have a few online courses of my own to guide you through the journey to plant-based nutrition.

I hope you find lifestyle medicine as healing as I have. I’m here for you. Contact me with any questions!