A Little More Focus

After a little more thought I wanted to elaborate slightly on my first blog post.

I think most people have a picture in their mind of what they want their life to be… Their family, friends, home, career, health, finances, etc.  The list goes on.  A few things in regards to what I said about my career in that first post:

1.) I said I don’t think I have as much flexibility now.  The truth is that maybe I do still have flexibility, but it’s from my perspective now as opposed to my employers.  I want more control over who I work for, what work I’ll do, where & when I’ll do my work, and how I’ll do my work.

2.) I said I left my job for multiple reasons, mostly because my family moved. To paint a clearer picture I’ll say it in two words: micro-managers and babysitters.  Many of the managers would refer to their job as “babysitting.”  To me this is a red flag.  Anyone who refers to their job in this way implies the associates below them are “babies” who are beneath their level.  For me, that kind of condescension is hard to work with, especially when some “low-level” associates have advanced degrees and certifications well beyond the managers.  In essence, in their effort to “babysit” they were micromanaging every aspect of the job taking away the things I outlined above in #1 that, not just me, but many associates are looking for. The condescension extended to clients as well.  The attitude being that if clients would just do what we said they would be healthy.  Um, no unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

3.) I said I had a lack of focus on the purpose of going back to school.  Higher education is not just an investment of my money, but also of my time.  What I do with my time affects not just me, but my family and work as well.  So if I’m going to go back to school I have to be clear on the purpose and what is going to be gained.

I hope that brings the picture I painted last time into a little more focus.

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