Adventure is Out There!

Oddly enough, though I have been at odds with my work, it is one of the things I have found myself most thankful for. Despite the fact that my big corporate job didn’t work out I know that adventure is out there!

5 Meals For This Week

If you need dinner ideas for this week try one of the 5 Meals I have cooking: cottage ham, chicken lazone, spaghetti, country fried steak, and tilapia.

Kick It Up

Sometimes I think life is all about perception. I am often struck by how different my life is than how others perceive it. More often I am struck by the realization that other people’s lives are so different from my own in so many ways. I thought I would share a day in the life of this nurse. Maybe a few examples will help people know what nursing can be like.

Beer Can Chicken

This week’s Meal Plan Monday puts salmon, beer can chicken, chili, chicken rice soup, and pork chops on the menu.

Black beans, Waffles, and Pork

It’s January and I’ve got my resolutions made for the year. One resolution I really want to stick to is planning at least 5 dinners each week. I want to eat more whole foods – less with the preservatives, processed, & prepackaged food. This week for dinner the plan is: pork loin, black bean soup, lasagna, waffles, & steak.

Do You Have This Problem?

My problem is that I sometimes trick myself into believing that it is harder to stay active during winter. I live in the Midwest of the United Sates.  Sometimes when the grey clouds and cold, wet, weather set in I start to think that it’s harder for me to stay active.  However, it’s just a…