Burger Cravings

ATTENTION Please Note: Since the time this post was written I have found greater clarity on nutrition. I no longer go for a burger unless it is plant-based. Chicken, barbecued ribs, and tilapia are no longer on my menu either. Also, I have learned, most loudly from Dr. McDougall whole food plant-based carbohydrates are not the problem. In fact, whole food carbohydrates are a good energy source for our body and limiting them can lead to health problems.  A better burger is found here: The Best Veggie Burger In The World 

I have been craving a big, juicy burger for weeks.  I want to run it through the garden and chomp my teeth right into it.  For this week I’m also planning to have baked chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.  We’ll finish up the week with chef salads, barbecued ribs with green beans, and tilapia with broccoli and rice pilaf.

For dinner when I was growing up we always had meat, a carbohydrate of some kind, vegetable and a salad of some kind.  I’ve always had that template in my head when I think of what to fix for dinner.  Moving forward I’m going to try to decrease our carbs and see how that goes over.

Photo by Niklas Rhose.

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