Rsrch RN

Rsrch RN was the license plate I saw yesterday on a beautiful red Corvette. It was at The Home Depot and it’s owner was filling it with about 6 or 8 two by fours.  I was horrified that he would disrespect his ride, but then I saw the plate and it sent my mind wondering back to the forked path in front of me.

As many times as I’ve heard myself say, “If I ever settle down it will be with my hearts,” I’ve also heard myself say, “Someday I’d like to go into research.”

It seems that someday may have arrived.  About a month after I left the company that shall not be named I was emailed out of the blue by a former employer. They wanted to know if I could come back because there were some inpatient clinical trials coming up at a local facility.  It seemed like destiny, so I signed back on with them.

Not to diminished the many hours I have spent at the bedside or on the telephone with thousands of patients, the single highlight of my career (if a person can choose such a thing) has been the time I spent working for the development of a cholera vaccine.  You could say my part was the equivalent of a movie extra.  Never the less, I was still there helping to care for those who voluntarily received cholera in order to get a vaccine on the market.

What leaders do with the vaccine now that they have it is not in my control.  I am just happy to know it has the potential to help mountains beyond mountains and I contributed.

Now I have again had the opportunity to spend time at the same facility helping the vaccine investigation department with studies for the development of other vaccines.  I have mixed feelings about vaccines, but on the whole I do believe that vaccines save lives.  It is unfortunate that in the past there has been some unethical behavior that has given vaccines a bad name & bad press turning many people against them.

I am now applying to work directly at the facility instead of as an extra.  Eventually someday arrives even if at times it seems so far off.

At the same time my oldest son is now on a trip to Alaska to marry his sweetheart on a glacier.  I always thought that someday he might get married and now he is.

Altogether it leaves me a little melancholy but mostly excited about new adventures and learning the world of a research RN.

There is, however, one small catch.  Will my employer give me up freely or will their price be too high for someone to buy me?  We shall see.

Feature photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash




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