Greens for Breakfast?

Greens for breakfast?  Yes, please!

It seems the only way I will get my greens in, is to think outside traditional meals.  Why not greens for breakfast?

Why stop at breakfast? Why not greens for a snack too?

(Don’t worry – I’ll tell you about that picture of Southwestern Twice-Baked Potatoes in a minute :D.)

Yesterday I was eating a bowl of spinach for a snack and my daughter said, “I can’t believe you’d really rather eat that than potato chips.”

I like potato chips.  Salt and vinegar chips have a special place in my heart (right beside donuts).  However, at this point in my life I see them very clearly for what they are – food that is essentially void of nutrients.  Not only void of nutrients, but also full of fats.  It just doesn’t make sense that there is a HUGE aisle in the grocery store dedicated to chips.

So greens it is!

Spinach, baby spinach, spinach kale mix, 50/50 blend of spinach and spring mix leaves, kale, baby kale.  Any of those sound delicious.  Before I read Dr. Esselstyn’s writings I was topping my breakfast salad with an egg fried or hard-boiled, a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, and a tablespoon of olive oil.  I sprinkled some sliced almonds on top and had a piece of wheat toast to the side.

Not my traditional breakfast, but still a tasty start to the day :).

Nowadays I’m leaving the egg off, & changed my dressing to one with no oil.  But I’m keeping my nuts!

I’m have my nutrition eCourse in progress and I am walking the talk so that I can be my first success story.  I am responsible for my own health.  No one else is.  I’m not going to give others power over my health by mindlessly reaching for what the food industry is pushing toward me.

If that means greens for breakfast, then so be it!

What about that little black dress? It zips now! Last I checked I was down ten pounds. Not sure how many I have to go.  When the dress looks decent and presentable AND I can comfortably sit in it – I’m there.

Before I go, I’m feeling a little bad about coming down so hard on potatoes.  Recently I made some twice baked potatoes that got a pass from the family.  It was a new recipe and a healthier version for me (I did put cheese on the family side of the pan).

Take a look:


Bake the potatoes, cut in half, and scoop out the centers.  Use the centers to make filling using almond milk, garlic, seasonings, and leftover vegetable chili.  wp-image-1987616934

Spoon the mixture into the shells.  Bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes or until brown. Top with fresh salsa if desired.  I left mine plain, but added a little cheese for my family.

Now that I’m looking trimmer I have been interviewing for what is essentially another desk job.  Sitting at a desk talking on the telephone for three and a half years got me into this boat.  Do I want to go there again?  LOL

I’ll just have to be smarter about it this time.

Do you have a sedentary job?  How do you fit activity into your day?

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