Not a Normal Day

One day last fall was not a normal day. It has required some good old fashioned resilience for me to move me forward. On the upside, I’ve got some gnarly pictures to share to illustrate the healing process (I’ll show them to you at the end).

My family and took off for the weekend on a camping and boating trip with some old friends. Despite a few setbacks, we had a great time until Sunday afternoon when we were bringing our boat into the dock. That’s when it became apparent that it was not a normal day.

Normally, my husband puts the boat in reverse as we get close to the dock. Normally, I know not to stick my hand between the boat and the dock. It was not a normal day. The boat had four more people in it so it was heavier and coming in with more momentum. When my husband put it in reverse it didn’t respond as quickly.

I stuck my hand out to catch the dock and watched as it got smashed between the boat and the dock.

I remember standing in the boat looking at my hand and everyone scurrying around me. I was assuring them I was fine and it wasn’t too bad. Normally, I am the one that backs the boat trailer down the ramp, but one of my friends hopped to it. While the rest of them took care of the business of loading the boat onto the trailer my friend’s daughter stayed by me giving me ice and words of comfort.

Initially my hand was bleeding a lot and starting to swell so I put pressure on the laceration and my radial artery. My husband has no stomach for gore what-so-ever and after the boat was on the trailer came over to see how I was doing. Then they were all scurrying around him to make sure he didn’t pass out.

There was no talking him out of an ER visit. I knew it needed to be thoroughly cleaned and stitched, but I was entertaining ideas of doing it myself. (That’s the way I roll.)

Here ate the pictures of my hand as it healed. Of course I was worried about infection. I took out the stitches myself because at the time we were covered only  by Obamacare – if you know what I mean. I monitored it for infection (redness, swelling, drainage, and fever) and debrided it as needed. I did my own little physical therapy regimen on it and have nursed it back to health. I still have some trouble gripping things, but otherwise it is back in action.









You just never know when a normal day will turn out to be not a normal day. It is good to be prepared with strategies for resilience when a day turns out not to be normal.

It’s comforting to know how resilient we are and how wonderfully made our skin is.

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