Bean Blend Vegetarian Chili

Bean Blend Vegetarian Chili

As you know, if you’ve followed me long, I like to prep meals ahead of time when possible to save time later in the week. This Bean Blend Vegetarian Chili recipe is one I love to make around this time of year and through the winter.

First, you have to do your basic bean prep according to the directions on the bag. I usually rinse and sort the amount of beans I’m using (for this recipe 1.5 cups uncooked bean blend) then cover with water and allow them to soak at least overnight in the refrigerator.

On the day I’m making my chili I pull the beans out, rinse them, put them in a pot, cover them with water and put them on the stove on high. When they come to a boil, turn them down to simmer for about an hour.

While the beans are cooking chop an onion and a red bell pepper and a few cloves of garlic.

Then heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet and sate the onions, bell pepper, and garlic over medium heat until soft. Then add:

1 tablespoon of chili powder

2 teaspoons of dried oregano

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Stir together for about 2 minutes and add about 16 ounces of tomato sauce.

When the beans are done – drain them, put them back into the pot and add your tomato mixture. Then add water until you reach your desired consistency (usually somewhere between 1-3 cups).

Bring the chili to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for about 30 minutes stirring occasionally.

Garnish as desired and enjoy a bowl of Bean Blend Vegetarian Chili!

Makes a great meal to save as lunch or dinner later in the week in individual bowls to grab and go!

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