Just the Right Time

My yoga retreate come at just the right time. I really needed it because I quit my lovely research job in July. Since then I have been getting my mind focused on building this coaching business.

I feel like the yoga has helped center me so that I can get a clearer perspective of where I’m at.

I’ve had so many aha! moments in the last couple of weeks!  I had to start writing them down. Thus, this post. For years I have been saying that I’m a recovering perfectionist. Then all of the sudden last weekend I realized I’ve been lying to myself. I’m still a perfectionist. I want whatever I’m doing to be “just right.”

That’s a good thing!

The reasons I came to call myself a recovering perfectionist are still true. For a while, I would get so disappointed if something didn’t turn out right – Or I’d be anxious and put way more time into a project than was necessary.

Now I don’t know what I am – ha ha. Certainly, having the house clean & immaculate at all times is not something I am willing to be a perfectionist over. Yet leading a life I can be proud of,  leaving a legacy, and working at a job that aligns with my purpose are all things I want to get right.

That’s a good thing too!

As I said previously, yoga is great for building my core, flexibility, and strengthening my muscles. Maybe more importantly it has come at just the right time to quiet my mind and gain focus.

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