Life Is Not Easy

News Flash – Life is not easy.

I don’t care who you are, how much money you have, or where you live. I’m feeling a little bit strongly about this today.  I was browsing The Gram this morning and came across a hater who was hating on someone’s book. The hater called it a “book” that was obviously the self serving product of a privileged woman.


First of all, nobody should have to make excuses for the family they were born into. Second of all, everyone has their own set of challenges unique to their situation.

I’ve been blessed with abundance – no doubt about it. In every way.

However! There is a lot of work involved with all of it.

My parents got up and went to work everyday. Then the next day they got up and went to work. Then the next day – guess what they did? They got up and went to work.

We kids were expected to go to school and apply ourselves to learning. Then the next day – same thing. Repeat.

When we all returned back home guess what we did? Chores! Weed the garden. Fold the laundry. Cook dinner. Wash dishes. Do homework. Clean the bathrooms. Change the sheets. Take out the trash. Mow the lawn. These days all that is encompassed in “adulting.” We were all adulting – really even as children- we were adulting. My parents tell the same stories – only worse – I’m sure you’ve heard of the snow? the hill? and all of that.

It’s a bit irritating  (to say the least) when people who don’t even know you can dismiss your life as an easy-as-pie breeze.

To many it looks like I fly by the seat of my pants and everything just falls into place for me. Rest assured that everything that falls out of the heavens for me is not simply served up on a silver platter. I work everyday to take advantage of opportunities that are out there for me and I try to share the wealth as much as possible.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little pain from people about putting the letters behind my name. In the past, I would have dismissed, “Big deal anyone can be a nurse.” I’ve stopped saying that because not everybody can. (Plus, my mom really doesn’t like when I dismiss my education and career either. Thanks mom! You are right again.) I’m not boasting. The only reason I put those letters there is to give people an idea of my background so they can weigh the information I share based on what they suppose my perspective is.

It would be helpful if more people would realize that life is not easy for anyone and cut each other some slack for Pete’s sake 😀


Feature photo by Anthony Tran


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