Start Strong 2019!

Happy New Year!

Start 2019 off healthy! Keep your immune system in tip-top shape so you are able to fight off the bugs. Start now eating healthy meals – throw out unhealthy snacks & sugary drinks from the pantry and encourage the rest of your family and team to get on board.

Soap, hot water, and paper towels, and proper hand washing is one of the best prevention measures of all – especially during the cold and flu season.  

Keep hand sanitizer handy. It only takes a second to use – perhaps after you’ve just been in contact with someone who didn’t look so well.  

Clean doorknobs, telephones and counter tops periodically throughout the day or at least once a day. 

Consider getting the flu vaccine if you haven’t already. A few dollars and quick stick of pain could save you from feeling lousy – not to mention lost time and productivity.

If one of your family or team does get sick, encourage them to stay home (or insist that they do!) Passing on their germs and “taking down” the rest of the crew could make the peeps around you sad.

Remember, it starts with you. If others see you taking care of yourself you increase the chances that they will take care of themselves so you can all fight tough in the battle against wintertime illness.

Start Strong 2019!

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