Have Fun with Plant-Based Snack Skewers

Skewers are fun for guests and not too difficult to create. Plus, there are so many possibilities!

You can use roasted or grilled vegetables and mushrooms, tofu, fruits, and/or marinated vegetables.

The skewers you choose can add interest to your presentation and help showcase the food. Skewers can be long bamboo skewers or decorative toothpicks. Whatever you use, make sure that it is easy for your guests to get the food off the skewer. The idea is not to need a fork or knife to eat it.

With a little imagination skewers can be pretty and delicious handheld snacks.

I like sweet and salty snacks and I like to keep things simple. So for these skewers I used a sweet piece of pineapple (full of antioxidants) and paired it with baked marinated tofu and a piece of orange bell pepper. 

What fun plant-based skewer do you like to make?

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