So, What’s Your Story?

We tell ourselves stories all the time. Sometimes the internal dialogue is true. Sometimes it is not.

If the story is not true, it is a false narrative. Duh. In another word:  Fiction. Oh yes,    from time to time I’ve been known to tell myself a tale. One story I’ve told in the past is that it is harder to stay active during winter.

I live in the Midwest of the United Sates. When the grey clouds and cold, wet, winter weather set in I start to think that it’s harder for me to stay active. Of course it’s all in my head. In my mind, I even add that my preference is to go outside when it’s warm.

If I can manage to get past that initial motivational roadblock I realize that I can be just as active in winter as in summer. I also realize that I actually enjoy getting bundled up and trekking around in snow.

The reality for me is that even though it’s cold outside I can still do many of the same things I like to do when it’s warm out. I can still walk, do yoga, swim, jog, do zumba, … the list goes on. Outdoor activities like golf, tennis, baseball, shooting hoops, or soccer can all be taken indoors. Want to play inside? Ping-pong, racquetball, batting cage, basketball – all indoors – no problem! 

Some activities I wait all summer for. Skiing, sledding, or ice skating, – these are just right for staying active in winter weather!

Do you tell yourself fiction or non? Don’t let your brain fool you. The real story is: we can stay active in cold weather just the same as we do in warm weather.

What’s your story? Do you live in a place that has seasons? What activities do you enjoy doing to stay active in colder weather?

Photo by Tim Gouw

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