Cook Once, Eat Twice

Cook once eat twice is really just another way of saying … leftovers or batch cooking.

Full schedules sometimes don’t leave time in the day for cooking. Cooking in batches helps save time later in the week. It also helps keep us on track with eating nutritious food rather than processed convenience foods.

For instance, chili, soups, rice or grains, beans, veggies, and potatoes can be made in batches one day a week to be used throughout the week for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Salad jars are another idea to prepare in batches to use throughout the week. Overnight oats can be prepared in batches too.

Once you get started with the mindset of using leftovers later in the week, you might be surprised how handy it is when life gets hectic. Cook once eat twice doesn’t just save time. It might save you some money too!

In my upcoming book I will be helping people incorporate batch cooking into their daily life so that they can stay on track with their health, save money, and have more time for activities they enjoy.

Photo by Brandless. 

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