Breathe, Walk, Eat Plants, Flourish, Repeat

Today was the first event for my new walking plant group – “Breathe, Walk, Eat Plants, Flourish, Repeat.”

It’s kind of a long group name I know. It was inspired by one of my favorite walking buddies. When life gets hectic she says she just focuses on the basics: breathe, eat, sleep!

Then get up and do it again the  next day.

Sometimes we need to lower the bar for success. When we try to cram more into a day than it can hold we sometimes get left feeling like an exhausted failure.

I like to walk alone, but being part of a walking group gives me inspiration and lets me feel more connected. It feels good to know I’m not alone. Others are on this journey with me. We are there to listen to each others stories and elevate our mood by sharing this great outdoor playground we’ve been given. Nothing like a little fresh air and conversation to clear our heads. Moving our bodies and elevating those endorphins feels pretty good too!

The day was less than ideal for walking, – Temperatures in the forties with a cool drizzle requiring an umbrella and rain boots. But I wasn’t about to let a little rain stop me on the group’s first official walk.

Keep it simple moving forward – Breathe, Walk, Eat Plants, Flourish, Repeat

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