Superb Snacks To Nourish Your Guests; The Secret Sauce? Plants!

These plant-based nutritious snacks are a superb way to feed your guests the next time you are entertaining or for game night, at home, spending time with family.

I made these chickpea dumplings using chickpea, onion, garlic, and chipotle powder for a spicy filling that would satisfy those who normally would go for chicken wings.


I made this skewer to have a sweet and salty combination. I marinated the diced tofu in tamari & baked it before skewering it between the pineapple and orange bell pepper.


I made this roasted red pepper pesto substituting pecans for the pine nuts and placed it on crostini. The nuts did not end up getting chopped well in the food processor. I will try it again with pine nuts, chopping them first. Also I would like to put a little green or other color on for garnish next time.

This tofu pudding is so easy to make. It offered a sweet taste without the oil, sugar, eggs, and dairy that desserts often have. The 2 oz cups I originally bought for these were too big, so I settled for the smaller dixie cups. I wanted to garnish with a mint leaf and raspberry, but they weren’t available. – Next time!

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