I Thought Smoothies Needed Supplements… And I Was Wrong!

Looking back, I can see how clear it is that I was wrong to think that smoothies needed supplements added in to be healthy. Using the same type of simple plan you might use when making a zesty salad dressing or a one-pot meal, you can build a delicious healthy smoothie without adding unnecessary supplements.

Smoothies have basic components, – just like one-pot meals. It is important to remember that some of these components contain sugar making smoothies a potential pitfall because too much can make the smoothie full of calories that go down easily & do not really fill you up.

But they can also be a great way to get in some good nutrition without added supplements. My daughter used to hate when I put in spinach, but now, she is the one adding it because she recognizes the power of spinach.

I often use them as a post-workout recovery, quick breakfast, or after dinner dessert or evening snack.

Here are the basics of smoothie making.

Pick a base of cooked plain grains and water. You can use juices in your base but remember they can add unnecessary calories. Same goes with using non-dairy milks or nuts in your base.

Pick a fruit of fresh fruit, dried fruit, or frozen fruit. Remember sugar content can be high in dried fruits.

Pick a vegetable, like kale, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, etc. fresh or frozen.

Pick a spice. Think ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric, vanilla, etc.

Pick a nutritional boost. This could be with a superfruit, a spice, acai, flax, green tea, carrot juice, or celery.

To help during your busy week, you can do a little meal prep. Pre-portion bundles of smoothie ingredients together in small freezer bags. Put them in the freezer to grab & blend.

I was wrong about needing to add supplements to smoothies, but I wasn’t wrong about how they can be a fun way to get good whole food plant-based nutrition. Leave out the supplements and let the symphony of whole food nutrition do its work on your body.

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