Why You Don’t Have to Spend a Ton of Time and Money to Finally Be Healthy

They say a cat won’t sit on a hot stove twice, but I can’t tell you how many times I have done just that.

I remember the nights hard at work to pay piles of bills, days hard at work taking care of small people, getting up and doing it again the next day. Each day of survival a success in itself.

Then there would always be a new product coming along promising better health. I would bite. Be it the latest supplement, powder, superfruit juice (remember noni juice?), dark chocolate, – you name it. I was there for Metabolife too.

I would get all excited about it. People around me…not so much. At least they had the good sense to be skeptical. They could already see it coming. These stories never ended well… Not only did I lose money I spent on the products into thin air, but there was always the disappointment that I had been duped again.

Finally, after I don’t know how many failed products I found something that isn’t really a product at all. No subscriptions, no money down the drain every month. I was looking to all the wrong people for answers. (In some cases health organizations that I trusted to have community health as a priority.)

I thought they had the solutions, but they didn’t. (I’ll explain that part later.)

If you’ve ever started on a new diet, supplement, or exercise program in the past and it didn’t end up bringing you the success and health you had hoped I can explain why and how to fix it.

You can literally have the best intentions of sticking with it and making it work… The best Plan… The Best workout clothes… And the best Water Bottle. But unless you understand the 3 things to focus on you have zero chance. Zip.

Your time, Your money = wasted.

I had to learn that the hard way…and I wasted a lot of time and money in the process. I can show you how to avoid my mistakes.

Until then… don’t sit on any hot stoves!

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