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Be healthy and live well.

I’m Coach Cat!

My programs are meant to be for anyone – no matter your current level of health.

It’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself – Gain more energy and confidence. Be strong & tackle your life’s work!

My goal is to help more people focus on their health before they have an illness.

When put to use, the information, nutrition, and tools I provide can help prevent people from having some of the chronic illnesses that are prevalent today. They can also help lessen symptoms people suffering from chronic conditions have.

A question I often get is whether or not the exercises are too difficult. My answer is no. Modifications are given for each exercise. The key is in knowing your body and not pushing yourself to do something you aren’t ready for. As you go along you get stronger and can do more. Before you start any exercise program you should run it by your doctor – especially if you have existing health conditions.

No matter how much exercise you do – You can’t exercise away poor nutrition!

80% of your success will come from learning to put nutrient-dense fuel into your body as food.

I would love to help you meet your health and fitness goals   – Let’s shape up together!

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Coach Cat