Life Is Not Easy

News Flash – Life is not easy.

I don’t care who you are, how much money you have, or where you live. I’m feeling a little bit strongly about this today.  I was browsing The Gram this morning and came across

A Bath & A Chair

Today I bring you stories of two happy victories. Today I will tell you about a bath and a chair.

Things That Made Me Say Hmm…

Out of the blue I got a text from a friend who is a nurse and has worked with me at two separate employers, both managed care organizations. After a few texts back and forth to catch up the conversation rolled around to work. What can I say except, “It’s a perfect set up? It’s…

Creating a Clean Heart

think of Lent like stepping into a river or stream. Rivers and streams are always changing and so are our lives. Every time we are stepping into Lent we are stepping in as a new person at a different time in our life than the previous year. We are open to facing new challenges and gaining new growth.

Wearing a Black Cape

Acting like these Buddhist’s bells, my patients help me to be mindful and pay attention to the now. Interacting with them helps me focus.

Find the Light

One day… I was working a day shift at hospice and was getting report from the off-going nurse.  I was told the family of the patient was “difficult” to deal with.  The nurse giving me report went on to explain that they had stated that they didn’t want the nurse aids in with the patient…

Adventure is Out There!

Oddly enough, though I have been at odds with my work, it is one of the things I have found myself most thankful for. Despite the fact that my big corporate job didn’t work out I know that adventure is out there!

Kick It Up

Sometimes I think life is all about perception. I am often struck by how different my life is than how others perceive it. More often I am struck by the realization that other people’s lives are so different from my own in so many ways. I thought I would share a day in the life of this nurse. Maybe a few examples will help people know what nursing can be like.