Four Easy Salads

If it were up to me I would fix salad for dinner every night, probably in part because salads are so easy to throw together.  Although my family willing eats their greens, they usually aren’t thrilled when I try to sell it as the main entree.

Chili Without Tomatoes?

I’m going to mash all my sources together and find what works for me and my family even if it means being open to chili without tomatoes.

For ye lads and lasses

This delicious meal of corned beef brisket and cabbage will satisfy the Irish appetite of any lad or lass. Simple to make though it does take a couple of hours to cook.

Burger Cravings

ATTENTION Please Note: Since the time this post was written I have found greater clarity on nutrition. I no longer go for a burger unless it is plant-based. Chicken, barbecued ribs, and tilapia are no longer on my menu either. Also, I have learned, most loudly from Dr. McDougall whole food plant-based carbohydrates are not…

5 Meals For This Week

If you need dinner ideas for this week try one of the 5 Meals I have cooking: cottage ham, chicken lazone, spaghetti, country fried steak, and tilapia.

Beer Can Chicken

This week’s Meal Plan Monday puts salmon, beer can chicken, chili, chicken rice soup, and pork chops on the menu.

Black beans, Waffles, and Pork

It’s January and I’ve got my resolutions made for the year. One resolution I really want to stick to is planning at least 5 dinners each week. I want to eat more whole foods – less with the preservatives, processed, & prepackaged food. This week for dinner the plan is: pork loin, black bean soup, lasagna, waffles, & steak.