Superb Snacks To Nourish Your Guests; The Secret Sauce? Plants!

These plant-based nutritious snacks are a superb way to feed your guests the next time you are entertaining or for game night at home spending time with family.

How to Bake Tofu Like a Pro

Baked tofu is a good option for those transitioning to meatless meals because it gives the illusion of meat. Use it on a plate, in a wrap, on a kabob, or on a salad.

Turn Tofu Into Chocolate Pudding

Create a delicious chocolate pudding using silken tofu instead of dairy. It is fast and easy with only a handful of ingredients.

Have Fun with Plant-Based Snack Skewers

I like sweet and salty snacks and I like to keep things simple. So for these skewers I used a sweet piece of pineapple, and paired it with baked marinated tofu