Do You Want to Know the Secret to Making Waffles Nutritious?

I learned the secret to making waffles nutritious using 3 readily available ingredients: oats, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. Sweet potato pocket waffles can save time as an easy grab and go meal that I can take on the road too.

Where to Buy Chocolate Hummus?

I haven’t seen it in the grocery store since that first time, but I am pretty sure if I looked hard enough I could find it somewhere. Now I don’t have to. It is so easy to make and when I make it at home I know exactly what is in it.

Can Tuna Salad Taste Good Without Tuna?

Tuna salad without tuna tastes delicious. I like to fix this tuna-less salad about once a week to have in the fridge to use for a snack, lunch or dinner.

Around the World with Lentils & Rice

I researched flavor profiles from a few different countries of the world. Using lentils and rice as a base,
I created healthy plant-based dishes.

How to Bake Tofu Like a Pro

Baked tofu is a good option for those transitioning to meatless meals because it gives the illusion of meat. Use it on a plate, in a wrap, on a kabob, or on a salad.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

This stuffed bell pepper recipe practically makes itself. After they are assembled the peppers cook with little effort in the crock pot. Leftovers make an easy lunch or dinner.