Just the Right Time

As I said previously, yoga is great for building my core, flexibility, and strengthening my muscles. Maybe more importantly it has come at just the right time to quiet my mind and gain focus.

Learning Resilience from Lucy Hone

It took a little resilience for me to get to her, but the talk I heard from Lucy Hone at the Mayerson Academy’s Raising Positive Children Global Author Series was totally worth it. I love going to the hair salon. I figured a great time to get my haircut would be between work and Lucy…

Rsrch RN

As many times as I’ve heard myself say, “If I ever settle down it will be with my hearts,” I’ve also heard myself say, “Someday I’d like to go into research.”

How do you answer this question?

How would you answer this question: Tell me about a time when you weren’t happy with your work performance and why? And what did you do to improve?

Peace at Hospice & In Life

  After a 6 or 7 year hiatus I find myself back at the bedside at a hospice organization.  As I start this post tonight I am working 11PM – 7AM.  It occurs to me that I’ve spent so much of my life dealing with illness and death that I can’t help but be acutely…

5 To-Dos After Discharge from Hospital

I’ve been speaking of being in transition and would note that any time you are in a transition period there are risks. This is true not just in health care, but in life.
One transition that I deal with commonly is when a patient is discharged home from the hospital after an inpatient stay.