Coaching in A Nutshell

Coaching in a Nutshell

Welcome to my Coaching Sneak Peek!

If you’ve ever considered becoming a lifestyle medicine coach or if you are just curious… Here are the Basics:

To be a coach you –

1. Don’t have to be a fanatic (unless you want to 😁)
2. Don’t have to be an expert to help someone be healthy – Everyone is always learning.
3. Don’t have to do home parties.
4. Don’t have to keep an inventory or ship things.
5. No obligation or contracts to sell.

Now is a great time to join my team! 

The programs are internationally known, with a highly reputable company with
products featured on TV, radio, magazines, talk shows and is used by a
countless number of celebrities!

As a coach you get: 

  • 25% DISCOUNT on all products and programs!
  •  FIRST ACCESS to newly launched products and programs
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to monthly trainings, webinars, conference calls &
  • COACH MENTORSHIP – any questions, struggles, issues you have, your coach
    and upline coaches are always ready to help!
  • A huge SUPPORT SYSTEM for both your health and coaching journey!


Team Cycle Bonus: indirect commission you earn weekly as you build a team


• CHALLENGE PACK of your choice! I will work 1:1 with you to choose
the best start-up package that aligns with your goals!
• If you already have a challenge pack your sign-up fee is only $39.95 and it is
• Monthly website fee of $15.95/month
(can be waived for military!)

Let’s Recap!

+ Internationally known company
+ 25% commission on all sales
+ 25% discount on all products/programs
+ Unlimited access to team trainings
+ Coach mentorship & support system
+ No stocking/shipping & no home parties
+ Start-up cost is your new coach challenge
pack or $39.95 and $15.95/month ongoing
(military discounts and fee waivers)
+ Cancel at any time, no contract, no
penalties, no obligations

That’s Coaching  in a Nutshell – contact me or test the waters in a free online bootcamp or trial access.