Be healthy and live well.

These courses are meant to be for anyone – no matter your current level of health.

It’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself – Gain more energy and confidence. Be strong & tackle your life’s work!

My goal is to help more people focus on their health before they have an illness.

When put to use, the information and tools in these courses can help prevent people from having some of the chronic illnesses that are prevalent today. They can also help lessen symptoms of people suffering from chronic conditions.

I am a Health & Nutrition Coach. I would love to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

Let’s shape up together!

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Pull It Together! – Find a starting point!

Nothing will change with your health until you do. Your path to health begins with one small step: Awareness.  Employ this simple practice and be more efficient in how you perceive reality, be more appreciative of life.  Be able to express yourself freely and clearly.  You will be guided by your own inner goals and values.

Be at your very best.

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Course Cost: $27

Eat Lean, Clean, Fresh, and Green

Lean & Clean Nutrition – Learn nutrition basics and how to eat clean. Fuel your body right for pure energy. Includes a copy of The China Study Cookbook, meal plans for 3 weeks, and 4 optional phone or Skype consultations.

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Course Cost: $147

Stay Strong. Be Fit

Stay Strong – Coming soon January 2019! Use the workouts that are my faves to stay strong and be fit. Instruction on proper form and videos included. Course cost currently is pre-selling for  $97

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