Anatomy of A Good Team

The following are the five parts of anatomy they presented that are helpful in developing a good team. Get this structure right and your team will rock!

Not a Normal Day

One day last fall was not a normal day. It has required some good old fashioned resilience for me to move me forward. On the upside, I’ve got some gnarly pictures to share to illustrate the healing process (I’ll show them to you at the end). My family and took off for the weekend on…

Rsrch RN

As many times as I’ve heard myself say, “If I ever settle down it will be with my hearts,” I’ve also heard myself say, “Someday I’d like to go into research.”

3 Tips When Identifying Barriers

Different people have different barriers. Considering barriers helps to evaluate whether a goal is attainable or reasonable. Barriers are important to identify because these are what needs to be overcome in order to meet your goals.

Things That Made Me Say Hmm…

Out of the blue I got a text from a friend who is a nurse and has worked with me at two separate employers, both managed care organizations. After a few texts back and forth to catch up the conversation rolled around to work. What can I say except, “It’s a perfect set up? It’s…