The Snowman Project

Originally, The Snowman Project was a Kickstarter campaign. The project offered handmade snowman cards as reward for supporting publishing costs of my upcoming book. Since the campaign has ended, I have moved it here so backers can continue to support my work of spreading the message of lifestyle as medicine.

I appreciate all the love and support I received on this. In only one week it almost made its funding goal! Thank you!

I am passionate about spreading the message of lifestyle medicine. I think equitable and available health information makes lives and communities better. I deeply appreciate that you share my vision in which individuals, their families, and communities thrive through increased health.

Your donations help by allowing me to continue writing & sharing information on this website and in the community.

Thank you!

Snow Many Books


I want to spread the message of lifestyle choices that promote health in order to decrease chronic disease.

Wanna Build a Snowman?


It started as a health journey. Then it became a book writing journey. Now, it looks like it may evolve into a wellness center journey.

I Like Warm Hugs


Lifestyle medicine involves solutions using nutrition, fitness, relationships, and stress reduction to improve or maintain health.

Have you given a warm hug today?

Anyone who donates and wishes to receive a handmade snowman card to share, can click the button below and send me the address you would like me to mail it to. I ship to anywhere in the USA!